Manual - How To Work With This Website

Site: English Practice
Course: English Practice
Book: Manual - How To Work With This Website
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Date: Thursday, 1 June 2023, 12:09 AM

1. Log in

As soon as you receive your account and password you can log in.

2. Left Sidebar Menu

You have access to your enrolled courses by clicking on the three-line symbol at the top right of each page.

You can also upload private files and  work with your calender.

The Dashboard also shows you the courses you have enrolled in  and t which extent you have completed them.

3. Enrol in Courses

In order to do all the tests and exercises in a course you must enrol. This also allows you to access the grade book where you can see the results of all your test attempts.

In order to enrol in a course click on the gear symbol at the top right of the course. You will see the information "Enrol me in this course".

Click on the button Enrol Me . There is no key required.

You are now enrolled in the course.

4. Taking Tests and Exercises

Most courses have a series of tests and exercises which you can only work through with an account. They are marked with a checkbox on the left side.

Clicking on them will bring you to the actual test page. There are various types of tasks and exercises including multiple choice, fill in the blanks, matching exercises and others.

When you have chosen all the answers click on Finish attempt

Then click on submit all and finish . This button completes the tests and registers your grade.

On the following page you will get a feedback that shows you correct and incorrect answers.

The box below shows you the correct answers.

5. Gradebook

The Gradebook saves all the results of all your tests and displays them for each course. Click on your name at the top right of the page and then on Gradebook.

The Gradebook shows all the courses you are taking and the average result. 

If you click on a course you can see detailed results of that course.